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Is there such a thing as v bucks generator? Well, allow us to explain first what v bucks are. V bucks are the currency that is used to purchase items in saving the world, purchase cosmetic items, and unlock battle passes in battle royale game.

Free V Bucks Generator

You may have noticed other players in the battle royale game looking better than you. It’s simply because they spend v bucks to purchase items and they have a lot of options to choose from. Most players can’t get the premium currency because maybe you can’t afford it or maybe because you are a kid who can’t spend money. Either way, we are going to show how you can get fortnite v bucks.

Can I Get V Bucks?

Well, epic’s virtual currency is bought by real money, but for those who can’t spend actual money then there are a number of you can earn yourself v bucks. First, there is a catch that you have to purchase save the world first. There are various ways you can get v bucks without going through scam sites.  

How to Get V Bucks

It’s what most epic battle royale players are always wondering. Well, there are plenty of data you can do that. Some may seem really slow, but you have to bear with it until you reach your desired amount.

Once you purchase fortnite save the world, you can start receiving v bucks by simply logging in to the game daily and then claim your reward. Although you don’t get v bucks daily as you may sometimes get a llama box, it’s still a safe way to get them. Even when you don’t feel like playing just log in and claim your reward.

Free V Bucks Generator

Fortnite v bucks can also be got from daily and challenge missions in the save the world. You can earn 50 v bucks for completing every challenge or daily quest.

Also, you can get v bucks from storm shield defense main story missions. With each mission completed, you can get 100 v bucks.

The stone wood missions also offer v bucks after completion of each mission. Furthermore, when you reach level 70, you can earn another 100 v bucks in the twine peaks missions after completing each.

Help other players in trouble and earn yourself another extra 100 v bucks. If you continue accumulating all these v bucks imagine how many you will be having.

What Is A  V Bucks Generator?

You have seen many sites talking about it. A v bucks generator is a tool that is aimed at letting you get as many v bucks as possible immediately. Different websites mainly offer them, and most of these are scam websites that you should be cautious of. The epic official fan page tweeted in match 2018 warning fans to not easily give out account information to such sites.


Check for sites that will offer a fortnite v bucks generator with virus transactions, explanatory videos and evidence to show that it works and access to it on any Internet platform.


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